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Tiffin on the radio…

Last year we had some fun with our companies splendid history and a little play at some recordings and radio advertising. We pulled together some of Tiffin’s old advertising campaigns and put them into a modern fun context to tell our customers what we can do for them. Have a listen and enjoy… ‘Damp’ recording ‘Extension’ recording […]..read more

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Our go to product…

Here at Tiffin’s we are passionate about finding ways to save energy in your homes and in turn saving you money. For this we’ve got just the product and we’ve been using it for a few years now. It has become our new best friend and it’s very popular with our clients too. So let […]..read more

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Why Thermography is the Weapon of Choice…

Here at Tiffin’s we are big advocates for the use of thermography in identifying building defects. Please see our article published this month, as seen in Listed Heritage, the members journal of the Listed Property Owners’ Club (www.lpoc.co.uk) to see why thermography is the way forward… View PDF Article Here >> The article has been […]..read more

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A Potted history of building materials

Concrete, Bricks, Brick Measurements, Brick Colouring, Blocks, Cavity Walls, e.t.c...read more

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So what are the basics?

Read your meters, Lofts, Ground floor, Windows and doors, Heat Recovery, e.t.c...read more

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